“The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.”
– Picasso



I love what I do and the great results my clients are getting! A big part of the work we do is focused on identifying and gaining clarity on their "WHY".

I am also wanting to get clearer on my own WHY and have started looking at my brand and my website. This means I will be spending time on gaining clarity on who I serve and what I bring to the table.

As this is uppermost in my mind, I thought it would make a good topic for this month’s newsletter. Stay tuned...

I still have a few spots left in my 4-week group coaching programme "Fill Your Well" (details below). Please note the start date has been changed to July 27th.

All the best!

Kathleen Fanning

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 Why do we need a Purpose or a WHY?

So much has been written on this subject...

💬 Lifehack.org says it provides: "…a compass – or light in the darkness to help guide you to take the best actions and make the right choices that help propel you toward the best life.”

  • In other words, it gives you (and your brain) a map to your personal and professional dreams.

📖 I agree with this quote by William Barclay: "There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why."

Below are some examples of Corporate WHYs...

  • Sony: To experience the sheer joy of advancing and applying technology for the benefit of the public
  • Walt Disney: To make people happy
  • Marriott: To make people away from home feel they are among friends and really wanted
  • 3M: To solve unsolved problems innovatively
  • Boeing: To push the leading edge of aviation, taking on huge challenges and doing what others cannot do
  • Nike: To experience the emotion of competition, winning, and crushing competitors

A stroll through the internet brought me to some sample Personal Visions. This one struck me in its simplicity - yet she has a very clear WHY!

"It is my mission to live a life of honesty, integrity, and unconditional love; to never lose sight of what is most important; and to make the world a more beautiful place through art and my relationships with others." - Christin Joy Johnson

Are you thinking of your own WHY now?

Below is more information and an excellent exercise to help you define your WHY.

Thoughts on defining your big Why:

  • Needs to be cultivated
  • Grows from dreams, hopes and aspirations
  • Must resonate with values and ideals
  • Apply logic and planning
  • What you want not ‘don’t want’
  • Ask why you want it
  • Focus on your wishes not other’s expectations!

In his book Start with Why, Simon Sinek offers a great tool:

"To ______ So That _______":

  1. The first blank represents your contribution — the contribution you make to the lives of others through your WHY.
  2. The second blank represents the impact of your contribution.

For example: "To teach children in a positive and engaging way so that they flourish and develop confidence."

The 'TO ____ SO THAT ____' format was designed to be simple and straight-forward enough so that anyone can draft a meaningful WHY by using it. You can use it to create an individual WHY, or you can use it to create an organizational WHY. It’s a powerful tool that can pull your thoughts and actions towards doing what matters most to you.

Your job is to plug-in the blanks to create your own unique WHY Statement...

📌 Exercise:

Grab a pen and pad and use the 'TO ____ SO THAT ____' template to start drafting your own WHY Statement. Take as long as you need to do this, and keep in mind that you can modify your WHY as you evolve as an individual—none of this is set in stone unless you want it to be.

Draft as many WHY Statements as you need to until you find the one that resonates with you on an emotional level. Once you’ve chosen a meaningful WHY Statement, take a second to congratulate yourself — you now have your very own WHY!

I’d love to hear about your Why! Drop me a line on kathleen@invest-in-yourself.ie!  I will be sure to share the results of my own work with you!

 Fill Your Well

Would you like to learn how to...

  • Lower stress in your body and to breathe really well?
  • Manage feelings of overwhelm?
  • Make self-care a priority?
  • Develop strategies to respond ‘in the moment’ to challenges and stresses?
  • Increase your mental fitness with simple exercises?
  • Tap into optimism and gratitude to experience the benefits of both?

If you answered "YES!"...

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We will meet for 1 hour once a week for 4 weeks.

Each session will include:

  • A mindfulness exercise to start the session.
  • Individual check-in on the successes (and challenges) of the past week.
  • 10-15 minutes of learning new tools (application and practice).
  • Group discussion with an opportunity for hot-seat coaching.
  • Setting actions and accountability.

You will experience all the benefits of working in a safe, supportive group. (Group size will be limited to build safety and trust.)

We will support each other and hold each other accountable in a dynamic, fun environment!

Investment for the pilot group: €197

Fill Your Well

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