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Time to Believe™

Group Coaching Program

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Would you like to...

  • Lower stress in your body and manage the overwhelming influence of digital devices and social media on your mental health?
  • Make holistic self-care a priority, integrating physical, mental, and emotional practices into your daily routine?
  • Cultivate adaptive strategies to respond to real-time challenges and stresses with agility and resilience?
  • Stop comparing yourself to others in a digitally driven world and celebrate your unique strengths and talents?
  • Establish and maintain firm boundaries in a world that never sleeps, and learn to say no without guilt?
  • Gain clarity on 'what needs doing' in your professional and personal life, especially in an environment of constant change and uncertainty?
  • Increase your mental fitness with simple yet effective exercises that fit into a busy, tech-heavy lifestyle?
  • Harness the power of optimism and gratitude to navigate the uncertainties of modern life and reap their emotional and psychological benefits?

If you answered "YES!"...

Join me and a small group of amazing women in my NEW 6 month Time to Believe® Group Coaching Program



We will use the 4 Pillars as a helpful guide for the program and, as a group, we can decide which pillars need the most attention!


EDI Manager
"Group coaching sessions by Kathleen provide a regular space to reflect and to explore workplace or personal challenges within a supportive framework. Kathleen creates a gentle, non judgemental and insightful space allowing you to be vulnerable and your authentic self. I always feel lighter and calmer at the end of each session!"


What does this mean?

Coaching is about getting into action around a challenge and gaining momentum towards the result needed and desired.

Group Coaching offers a safe, non-judgmental, confidential space to bring issues or challenges – with the focus and intention of moving forward.

Each participant will have time and space to gain the support and challenge needed to move forward.

The role of the coach is to provide the space needed for reflection, self-awareness, problem solving, creating actions and accountability. The coach creates the safe space for growth, uses listening, questioning and feedback skills while managing the interactions in the group. The coach also celebrates achievements, offers encouragement and helps to build individual resilience.

As with 1-1 coaching, the client (participant) sets the agenda and the coach ‘follows’. A coaching session is “forward looking and promotes action...and seeks to deepen awareness of patterns and provides a reflective space.” (Wadee, Keane, Dietz and Hay).


Kathleen Fanning

"I believe that structure and accountability are crucial in building new habits or skills.

We will support each other and hold each other accountable in a dynamic, enjoyable environment! Group size will be limited to build safety and trust and allow you to
experience all the benefits of working in a safe, supportive group."

How our group will work together

  • We will meet for 1 hour twice a month for 6 months.
  • Small group: 6 amazing women who share your commitment to personal growth!
  • Each session will include:
    • A mindfulness exercise to start the session.
    • Individual check-in on your successes (and challenges) since the last session.
    • Learning new tools (application and practice).
    • Group discussion with an opportunity for hot-seat coaching.
    • Setting actions and accountability.

BONUS: Access to tools, exercises, videos and materials.

BONUS: Connect with me between sessions via your individual client log. 

BIG BONUS: (If you haven’t completed it already) drastic savings on my Building Positive Practices: Positive Intelligence® program. 

Senior Leader, Higher Education
"Group coaching over a six month period provided a much needed safe space to support my professional development. Kathleen masterfully curated and led the group in a warm, engaging and highly professional way. I truly value the insights and learning from Kathleen and the group members during this group coaching experience- and have signed up for a further six months."


The Next Time to Believe™ Group Coaching Program starts...

The next cohort will begin Tuesday 10th September 2024.

Meeting time will be 4pm Irish Time
(the meeting time can be agreed upon by the cohort)

Your Investment:

📌EARLY BIRD PRICING valid until Friday, August 2, 2024

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 $1060 > Early bird: $960

Pay in full $960 

Monthly payments of $197 > Early bird payments: $180

 6 Payments of $180

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Every journey begins with a single step, and I believe in your ability to overcome any obstacles that come your way. Imagine what your life could look like a year from now if you start on this program. Envision yourself achieving your goals, growing, and thriving in a supportive environment that nurtures your aspirations.


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