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"Luck is believing you're lucky."
- Tennessee Williams

Rock of Cashel

Here is a picture of the historic Rock of Cashel in my town. It’s lit up here for St Patrick's Day- hope you had a good one!!

Legend has it that St. Patrick visited the Rock when it was the stronghold of the Kings of Munster back in 432AD and it’s said that he baptised King Aengus of Munster. 

The subject of this Spring newsletter is how we can cultivate self belief.

For many of the talented, gifted, experienced women that I coach, this is a stumbling block. They often don’t see themselves the way others do, and, while I don’t like the overused term Imposter Syndrome, it does capture the way women especially seem to question deservedness for promotions and other opportunities. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m finding that old patterns of self doubt are tiresome and definitely outworn. We picked up messages growing up - directly or indirectly - and it’s like we’re wearing clothes that don’t fit us anymore. That’s what led me to developing my 4 Pillar framework and my Time to Believe™ program. In a nutshell, self care, self belief, setting boundaries, and doing the important things first - are the key ingredients in my clients' transformations.

Isn’t it time to really believe how really amazing we are! Have a read below as I take you through some aspects of Pillar 2: Believe in You.

Pillar 2: Empowering Self-Belief


Let's delve into the essence of a powerful concept: self-belief. According to various dictionaries, self-belief encapsulates the confidence and trust we hold in our abilities and judgments. It's the cornerstone of our resilience and capacity to navigate life's challenges.

Navigating Doubt

Human nature often leans into doubt—a natural defense mechanism ingrained through evolution to shield us from excessive risks. However - as we all know through experience - this tendency for self-doubt can often hinder our progress. It stems from our survival brain - which is there to protect us - but gets in our way too.

Distinguishing between what Shirzad Chamine terms "Blameless Discernment" and the destructive tendencies of fear and self-judgment is essential.

Blameless Discernment invites us to reflect on our actions with compassion, fostering a learning mindset and bolstering our self-belief. Conversely, the inner critic, or "Judge," perpetuates limiting beliefs, impeding our growth and fulfilment.

Time to Believe™

Isn't it time to shift our narrative and embrace self-belief wholeheartedly?

A fundamental step involves taming the Judge within us. Completing the Positive Intelligence® self-assessment tool can serve as an initial step in this journey by discovering who your Saboteurs are!

Take Charge: Recognising The Judge

  • Identifying the Judge's presence within us is paramount. Its fault-finding—be it with ourselves, others, or circumstances—undermines our well-being and sabotages our relationships.

Combatting the Judge's Influence

  • Combatting the Judge's influence starts with awareness and action. By acknowledging its negative impact and recognizing our strengths, we begin to dismantle its power over us.

Here are practical steps endorsed by the National Health Service in the UK to fortify our self-belief:

  • Acknowledge your strengths.
  • Cultivate positive relationships.
  • Practice self-compassion.
  • Embrace assertiveness.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Set yourself challenges.
  • Break free from overthinking.

Additionally, physical movement and mindfulness techniques can bring about a transformative "change of state,” helping us to stop overthinking and decrease stress.

Mental Fitness: The Key to Resilience

Investing in our mental fitness is pivotal. As the Judge's influence wanes, we become more empathetic, optimistic, and productive —a testament to the profound impact of nurturing our self-belief.

Isn't time to embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment, to build up a strong belief in your capabilities. As one participant put it, 'this path holds the promise of profound transformation'.

Click here if you are interested in finding out more about my Building Positive Practices: Positive Intelligence® program. And, have a very happy Easter too!

All the best